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    You get nine full-length prenatal yoga classes accompanied by four guided meditations. The two guided meditations and two breathing exercises are designed to meet your mental and spiritual needs throughout your pregnancy. I've included special yoga classes such as Chair Yoga to expand your arsenal of wellness tools during your pregnancy! Learn two highly efficient breathing techniques that help with lowering anxiety, high blood pressure, and help during labor.

  • Special Content

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    To accompany your beautiful journey, you will receive a set of printable, Pregnancy and Birth Affirmations cards. They are beautifully designed with just the right words you need to hear to get through the highest mountains you may encounter on your journey!

  • Bonus material

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    As an added BONUS, I am giving you access to my Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond handout! It is full of essential oil safety guidelines, a description of which oils are best for each phase of your pregnancy, and recipes to help aid in the most common pregnancy symptoms. If that wasn't enough, you also get access to my Harnessing the Power of Crystals during Pregnancy! A perfect combination of resources to give you the full trifecta of mindfulness on your pregnancy journey!

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Anacani Walters

Owner and Instructor

Hey PHAT Mama Mermaids! My course on prenatal yoga and pregnancy wellness helps women learn how to integrate prenatal practices into their routine schedules so they can have a healthy pregnancy. My name is Anacani and I am the owner of PHAT Mermaids. I saw the need for an online program to bring prenatal yoga, meditation, and a community to the lives of all women. Whether you are in your first, second, third trimester, first pregnancy, or seventh this course has something for everyone! PHAT Mermaids is more than just a SUP and Yoga company. I started PHAT Mermaids because I wanted to inspire and improve self-confidence and self-esteem in those around me. Being pregnant is one thing, being pregnant over 40 is another, being pregnant as a military dependent has its challenges, but being pregnant, over 40, as a military dependent! I don't just want to be another yoga teacher. I want to build a community of PHAT Mamas and teach, encourage, nurture, cheer, and love them through their pregnancy journey! I share my journey from struggles conceiving and how I stayed healthy throughout as I share with you my journey through pregnancy while teaching you the tools to start your prenatal yoga! I'm excited to share and grow - both mind and body with you!

Course Highlights

This course is built for the busy PHAT Mama in mind and created to promote a healthy pregnancy. Here is the basic breakdown of the course and features that make it perfect for any phase of pregnancy!

  • 9 Full Length Prenatal Classes. 3 for each trimester. Yoga classes are designed to help with the most common pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, pregnancy anxiety, back pain, heartburn, and more!

  • Break Down Video and PDF of the most common yoga poses and their prenatal modifications

  • 3 Guided Prenatal Meditations accompanied with a mini-deck of Affirmation cards to help keep you focused and mindful throughout your pregnancy when you need it the most

  • You have Lifetime Access to the course

  • Ability to skip around and choose what to watch and personalize the experience depending on how you are feeling

  • Access to my private PHAT Mama Mermaids FB group to keep you motivated while being a safe place to share!

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This course is being offered at a discounted beta-price of $29.99 until February 15th, 2022! Limited to the first 50 people who sign-up, so don't wait! Start your prenatal journey with PHAT Mermaids today and join the PHAT Mama Mermaids club!

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Course curriculum

    1. Welcome PHAT Mama!

    2. My Personal Journey

    3. PHAT Mama Wavier

    4. Where to start

    5. PHAT Mermaids Yoga Props Overview

    6. PHAT Mermaids Basic Asanas (Yoga Poses)

    7. Childs Pose (Balasana)

    8. Table Top (Bharmanasana)

    9. Cat/Cow

    10. Down Dog

    11. Tadasana

    12. Warrior I

    13. Warrior II

    14. Low Lunge

    15. Chaturanga

    1. Baby and Me First Trimester

    2. Unsafe Yoga Poses for Prenatal Women

    3. Body Scan Meditation

    4. Prenatal Pranayama

    5. Prenatal Yoga for First Trimester

    6. Prenatal Yoga for Energy

    7. Yoga to Calm and Relax Prenatally

    1. Baby and Me Second Trimester

    2. Birth Plan Map

    3. Pelvic Floor Awareness

    4. Prenatal Yoga for Back Pain

    5. Prenatal Yoga with Pelvic Floor Awareness

    6. Prenatal Yoga Second Trimester

    1. Baby and Me Third Trimester

    2. What To Pack In Your Delivery Bag

    3. Guided Visualization Meditation

    4. Pregnancy Affirmation Mini-Card Deck

    5. Labor Prep Yoga Class

    6. Prenatal Chair Yoga

    7. Third Trimester Prenatal Yoga

    1. Thank you PHAT Mama!

    1. Oily PHAT Mermaids Prenatal Crystals Handout

    2. Oily PHAT Mermaids Pregnancy + Oils

    3. Healthy Pregnancy Cranberry Orange Scone Recipe

About this course

  • $29.99
  • 39 lessons
  • 8 hours of video content

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